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Watercraft Storage

Wedowee Marine Alabama boat dealer

Current Watercraft Storage Pricing

state of the art fully enclosed facility

Store your boat in Wedowee Marine’s state of the art fully enclosed facility with locations on 21130 Hwy 431 and 9681 Hwy 48. If you own a boat that is longer than 28 ft. the rate will increase $100 per ft. Remember boats over 30 ft. are not allowed on Lake Wedowee.

  • We request One Hour Notice for Launch.
  • In and Out Fees are $30 for Boats or One PWC and $40 for Two PWC.
Fully Enclosed Dry Storage Rates
  • All Boats – $2000 Annually
  • 2 PWC w/ Double Trailer – $1400 Annually
  • 1 PWC w/ Single Trailer – $750 Annually
  • Hwy 48 Individual 40 ft. Storage- $3000 Annually
Wet Slip Storage Rates—9681 Hwy 48
  • 30 ft. Slip $2500 annually
Wet Slip Storage Rates—21130 Hwy 431
  • 22ft. Slip $1800 Annually
  • 24 ft. Slip $1900 Annually
  • 26 ft. Slip $2100 Annually
  • 30 ft. Slip $2500 Annually
  • Boat Lift Additional $1400 Annually
  • Trailer Storage $400 Annually

Signed Contract Requires: Registration and VIN Numbers for all Boats/PWC/Trailers. Copy of Insurance Required. Storage customers will have access to a marina charge account for in-store purchases. Statements are mailed at the end of the month; payable within 15 days of receipt. Accounts will be closed at end of storage contract if not renewed. Storage will auto-renew unless we are given 30 days’ notice. Rates are subject to change at the end of contract year.

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